DC 12v 180w Solar Water Pump

৳ 3,499.00

Voltage: 12V

  • Power: 180W
  • Max. flow rate: 1.5m³/hour
  • Max. head: 15m
  • Inlet/Outlet Size : 1 inch*1 inch




  • Connecting a longer cable to the pump negative terminal (black) and positive terminal (red). The cable length will be designed as actual requirement, but make sure not to connect too long cable ,since the DC motor efficiency will be decrease during the super long cable. It is also suggested that at least 3mm2 or 4mm2 cable to connect onto the pump. Finally, please confirm that the cable connectors is water proof and best seal.

  • The pumps should apply check-valve to it. It can makes the pump’s suction head 8-9meters.